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Your stores will work. We built our products’ architecture with this idea in mind. You will enjoy « real realtime » backup with Orika. If an order is interrupted, it may be resumed anywhere within the store without loss of any information. 

Hundreds of clients from a wide variety of fields, countries and sizes are our partners today. We have always managed to establish trust and efficiency in our relationships.

Our history

2001 : Launch of Orika in La Reunion with an emphasis on training students on Linux.
2003 : A client working in retail encounters technical difficulties on his kiosk devices and asks Orika to work on it. Orkaisse, P.O.S. Solution is born.
2004 : First contract with a major local retail group. Words of our expertise and innovation spread accross the island and throughout the Indian Ocean. Orika enters a steady growth.
2006 : Orika is invited by IBM to participate at the Equipmag Salon in Paris. There, a regional food retail group from Burgundy, seeking innovation and independence from its IT suppliers, discovers our solution and decides to deploy it throughout all its stores.
2010 : Orika penetrates the Moroccan market and subsequently becomes leader.
2013 : A French client, with a fast international growth, decides to implement Orkaisse in all its stores abroad.
2015 : Orika is now available in Poland, New-York and Singapore and soon in many more countries. Today the international market accounts for 75% of the company’s sales.


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