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Independence and Agility

Here, at Orika, we believe in your independence. You are free to implement great ideas and innovate and be assured that your system will adapt. You are free to keep your hardware or change it according to your needs, not your suppliers’.

So keep or change your hardware, innovate or stabilize your process, launch a revolutionary new marketing campaign or trust the old one, free choice is what Orika provides.

Our history

2001 : Launch of Orika in La Reunion with an emphasis on training students on Linux.
2003 : A client working in retail encounters technical difficulties on his kiosk devices and asks Orika to work on it. Orkaisse, P.O.S. Solution is born.
2004 : First contract with a major local retail group. Words of our expertise and innovation spread accross the island and throughout the Indian Ocean. Orika enters a steady growth.
2006 : Orika is invited by IBM to participate at the Equipmag Salon in Paris. There, a regional food retail group from Burgundy, seeking innovation and independence from its IT suppliers, discovers our solution and decides to deploy it throughout all its stores.
2010 : Orika penetrates the Moroccan market and subsequently becomes leader.
2013 : A French client, with a fast international growth, decides to implement Orkaisse in all its stores abroad.
2015 : Orika is now available in Poland, New-York and Singapore and soon in many more countries. Today the international market accounts for 75% of the company’s sales.


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