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Improve your Marketing

Orika: the POS system which targets and rewards to the level of the single customer
Orika knows each customer, the POS engine tracks customers as well as items.

Orika may reward all costumers, a group of customers or a single customer. Its capabilities include the handling of:

  • Classical offers (price cutting, lot …).
  • Rewards on Loyalty Card (points or currency).
  • Coupons (physical, digital) Information.
  • Orika can deliver any advantage immediately or store it for future use.
  • Advantages may be delivered in all POS directly by the cashier.


Our competitors offer: 1 leaflet, some specific offers to loyalty customers
Orika provides : Classical campaign + internet campaign (mail, social network…)

Group or one to one campaign:

  • Better campaign targeting.
  • Improved campaign feedback.
  • Optimized marketing budgets and investments.
  • Improved customer experience.
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