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Discover the highest level of customization to design your campaigns…
Orkidée, Orika’s Marketing Solution, has been designed to apply the widest range of ideas you may come up with. You may therefore distinguish between the offers you wish to make, the rewards granted, the media holding them and how they are triggered e.g. a date, an event during cash out, a specific profile of customer, and much more.
…to capitalize on their success or improve them and develop your business...
By analysing the receipts provided in real time by Orkaisse during the campaign you’ll be able to assess its impact in real time. Our customers have the edge when it comes to marketing. You will enjoy a better knowledge of your market and its reaction to your incentives. With time you will acquire a valuable database, or refine your calendar of existing ones, and be able to focus your efforts where it matters.
...and appeal.
Orkarte, our loyalty card software, is compliant with our open philosophy and principles. Once you have spotted your high value customers you have a powerful tool to understand their habits and reward their loyalty. Take advantage of a wide range of media such as emails, SMS, receipts and much more to reach your customers in real time.
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