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Store Management

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Enjoy a full featured store…

OrkPOS, Orika’s P.O.S. software, runs on any hardware within your store. It equips your Self-Checkouts, your Self-Scanning devices, your mobile P.O.S. as well as your Kiosks and regular Checkouts. Discover a powerful and easy to use solution which includes all your usual transactions – administration, sales, maintenance…

…a cost efficient store…

With Orika softwares you save on middleware and hardware costs. Our solutions work on open source systems and are so light that they will run on your current hardware.

…without saving on safety and security.

Orkoffre handles your safe and drawer procedures. Moreover, receipts are stored in real time at the checkout, the store and the central line by line. Thus your sales and checkout flows are secured from power or network contingencies.

Analyse your sales and your customers’ turnover in real time…

Orkaisse reporting tools give you real time information at the level you need, from global to the receipt in just a few clicks. Your shop’s activity is monitored and refreshed in real time – turnover, productivity, cash flow… - allowing you to react as fast as possible.

… then tweak and customize to increase your stores’ efficiency.

Checkout screens may also be customized at will with Orkaisse to adapt to your personnel and internal process. You may also monitor and manage each individual checkout in real time to remotely intervene or train new personnel.

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